Five Things to Check before Calling an AC Repair Contractor

1. Check the Air Filter
The air filter serves double-duty by keeping both the A/C system and the air in the rooms clean. On the other hand, when your A/C unit doesn’t have sufficient, unrestricted air flow, it can’t work efficiently.
Check the air filter, especially if you smell a strange odor when your unit is operating. Change the filter, if necessary. Please note that you should never operate your A/C system without a filter in place.
2. Check Your Fuse Box or Breaker Panel
When your A/C unit isn’t operating at all, check the power supply. If the circuit breaker switch is in the correct position, go ahead and switch it off anyhow and then turn it on again. This is the proper way to reset it and sometimes that’s all you’ll have to do.
If your unit still isn’t powered, locate the emergency cut-off switch. You’re most likely to find it directly on the HVAC unit, on a nearby wall or somewhere close to the top or bottom of the basement stairway.
3. make sure that nothing is jamming the A/C Condenser Unit
It’s not unusual for yard debris to build up in the region of your condenser unit when it sits outside. Something as simple as a small pile of leaves can dramatically inhibit the air flow. It only takes a few minutes to ensure the condenser coils, clean them and remove any surrounding debris. Make it a part of your routine yard maintenance.
4. Check to Make Sure the Return Grill Is Not Blocked
The cooling system can’t effectively push air into the room unless some air is flowing out of the room at the same time. Blocking the A/C system’s return grill is equivalent to shutting off the escape route for the warm air and keeping it trapped inside with you.
Make sure the return grills are clean and clear of any obstructions. If you must put furniture in front of a return grill, place it several inches away from the opening.
5. Check the Thermostat Settings
The settings might be compromised. The fan should be set to automatically turn on when the A/C unit is activated. The system should be set for cooling (not for heating!). The desired temperature setting for the thermostat has to be set lower than the current room temperature or the cooling unit won’t turn on.
And check all of these things before you decide to call AC Repair contractor.

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